Branch Pick-Up

Unincorporated Leyden Branch Collection

  • Branch collection program is for minor clippings only
  • Branches must be no more than four inches in diameter
  • Branches must neatly stacked with the cut end towards the street

Your cooperation is essential to keep this program operational.

Duty to Remove Debris and Stumps: If the property owner hires a private contractor to remove trees from the owner's property, it shall be the responsibility of the private contractor to clean up the area where the contractor is working or has completed work and remove all branches, debris, and the largest portions of the tree(s) and dispose of such debris in such a manner so that it will not remain on Township streets, not flow into the sewer, or will not have to be hauled away by the Township, or its designated agent. All stumps on Township right-of-way and privately owned property shall be stumped ground to depth of at least eight inches (8") below grade and all holes remaining after stump removal shall be filled with dirt and sodded or seeded by the property owner.