Handyman Service

Leyden Township's Handyman Service is free, exclusively for Leyden Township senior citizens and the disabled. To qualify you must be the property owner, be 65+ and/or physically disabled. If under 65 and disabled, a doctor's note is required.

The homeowner must sign an authorization form before any work is performed.

Some of the Handyman services are:

  • Replace: Light bulbs, defective fuses and cabinet hinges or handles.
  • Repair: Damaged electrical cords, minor pipe leaks, switches and outlets
  • Relight: Gas appliance pilot lights

In the event materials or parts are needed, the Handyman will purchase them. Homeowner reimbursement is required.

Please allow two weeks for service.

To schedule an appointment, please call: 847-455-8616, ext: 5118 or 5119.

Jobs are limited to about 1 hour.

No structural repairs, drain cleaning, moving of heavy objects, painting or work needing more than a 6-foot ladder.