FsACE Employment Barrier Reduction Program (BRP)

This program helps SNAP recipients and people at risk of losing housing get and maintain jobs in the Cook County Suburbs through funding.

BRP helps people gain or keep employment by funding supportive services to remove financial roadblocks.

You receive:

  • Payments on your rent, water, gas, light, and cell phone
  • Education and training fees/expenses for tuition, supplies, testing and more
  • Document fees for Driver's License, Commercial Drivers License (CDL), citizenship, transcripts, and more
  • Clothing including uniforms, interview clothing, and protective devices/PPE
  • Personal items like soap, shampoo, toothpaste, and shaving supplies
  • Transportation assistance like bus/gas cards, repairs, and liability insurance
  • Childcare licensing needs like fire extinguishers and phone installation
  • You must live in suburban Cook County. You also need to be employed, seeking employment, or enrolled in an employment/vocational training program and:
    • Get SNAP benefits or part of an active SNAP household,
    • Be eligible for SNAP benefits with a pending application
    • Were removed from SNAP due to benefit time limits within the past 9 months and are an able-bodied adult without dependents