Sewer & Water


June 10, 2017


The new water and sewer rates effective the July 1, 2017.

Residential per 1,000 gallons                                       

Water: $ 9.46                          

Sewer: $ 1.31                                                               

Total    $10.77            Minimum bill $32.31


Municipal / Non Profit per 1,000 gallons                                      

Water: $ 10.17  

Sewer: $ 1.57              

Total    $11.74                      Minimum bill $35.22


Commercial per 1,000 gallons                              

Water: $14.11                             

Sewer: $ 1.95                       

Total    $16.06                      Minimum bill $75.00

Commercial Sewer Only: $350

Municipal and commercial rate customers who only receive sanitary sewer service.



Many Seniors use at or just below 3,000 gallons per billing cycle. To assist those Seniors with lower incomes, the Senior Freeze Minimum Bill (first 3,000 gallons) is $26.94. The rate over the first 3,000 gallons is the same as the regular Residential rate.

Qualifying for both the Senior Freeze minimum SEWER AND WATER rate is the same as qualifying for the Senior Freeze Garbage Rate.   If you are receiving a Senior Freeze exemption on the second installment of the most recent real estate tax bill, then you will qualify for both the Senior Freeze Minimum Sewer & Water and the Senior Freeze Garbage rates. 

Please note that renewal for these rates is not automatic and must be applied for each year.  If you’re not sure if you qualify please contact the Water Department at 847-455-8616.

Residential Senior Freeze per 1,000 gallons                                    

Water: $9.19

Sewer: $1.27                            Minimum bill: $26.94

Total: $10.46 per 1,000 gallons