Real Estate Transfers


Please take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with some of the regulations relating to the transfer of real estate and other requirements in unincorporated Leyden Township. Information noted below is subject to change without notice.




For inspection purposes, a $100.00 turn on fee is required for a temporary water service. Water will only be turned on with the written direction of the property owner, Service Company or Listing Broker. Unless all outstanding charges, liens, fees and costs are satisfied, temporary water service will be discontinued after 48 hours. There will be no notice given prior to shut off.


It is the responsibility of the real estate seller, and the customer if different than the real estate seller, to pay all charges due for sewer and water service provided to the premises and for garbage collection and disposal service provided to the premises, and to close the sewer and water account prior to the transfer of legal or beneficial title or interest in the property or customer’s premises. Payoff statements will be provided upon request

  1. Call 847-455-8616 to request a final water reading. A minimum of five (5) business days notice is required to determine a final amount due. Dated STATEMENTS will be provided upon request. FINAL WATER BILLS will be provided ONLY with final payment.

  2. Prior to the issuance of a final water bill seller must provide the name, address and phone number of the purchaser(s).

  3. The existing Combined System account is not considered closed and a new account will not be opened until FULL payment is received for all outstanding fees, penalties and liens due Leyden Township.


  1. Final and temporary service payment will only be accepted in the form of a bank certified check, acceptable credit or debit card, money order (maximum limit of $100), title company check (accompanied with a signed settlement statement) or cash.




It is the obligation of real estate purchasers to establish credit and a sewer and water account in their name upon the purchase of real estate or customer’s premises served by the combined system, and to ensure that charges for sewer and water service provided to the premises, or for garbage collection and disposal service provided to the premises, have been paid prior to the transfer of legal or beneficial title or interest in the property or customer’s premises.

Failure of a real estate purchaser to establish credit and a new sewer and water account within thirty (30) days of transfer of legal or beneficial title or interest in the customer premises will result in a default account transfer charge of one hundred dollars ($100.00) for failure to timely establish a new sewer and water account with responsibility for sewer and water service to the customer premises.



Driveways and Rights of Ways

Leyden Township Highway Department has jurisdiction over local Township roads, and Leyden Township maintains those roads in accordance with the requirements of the Illinois Highway Code and the Cook County Superintendent of Highways. This includes the unpaved portions of the Township road rights-of-way. Township road and rights-of-way are generally sixty-six (66) feet in width (thirty-three (33) feet either direction from the center of the road). Typically, from the edge of the paved road surface there should be thirty (30) inches of a gravel shoulder with the balance being grass. The only permitted encroachments are permitted driveway aprons and public or quasi-public facilities such as electric and telephone utility facilities, street signs, U.S. Post Office approved mailboxes. All other encroachments such as landscaping stones, timbers, tree stumps, trees, fences, paved or unpaved expanded parking areas, or otherwise modified rights-of-way are unpermitted and may be removed by Leyden Township.

Leyden Township may cause unpermitted encroachments to be removed without notice.

Permits are required for modification of any surface that abuts the Township’s right-of-way.

  1. Each buildable lot is limited to one (1) driveway and one (1) curb cut.

  2. Maximum driveway width is twenty (20) feet. With certain limitations, corner buildable lots may have up to thirty (30) feet wide driveways.

  3. Crossing the Township’s right-of-way with motorized vehicles, trailers or other such equipment is prohibited except by permitted improved driveway.

All Township code related questions should be directed to the Leyden Township Code Enforcement officer at 847-455-8616.


SIGNAGE: Per Cook County Zoning Ordinance 12.1.4 F.

  1. Signs shall not have a sign face exceeding twelve (12) square feet and not be closer than ten (10) feet to other zoning lots.

  2. Signs shall not be illuminated

  3. Signs shall not project beyond the property line or over the right of way.

  4. Other limitations may apply.

The proper MLS area number for unincorporated Leyden Township is 7164.

Leyden Township will aggressively pursue all advertising misrepresenting the legal use of single family properties with the Illinois Department of Professional Regulation and the Cook County Department of Building and Zoning.



Real Estate Transfer Stamp

Leyden Township does not issue a Real Estate Transfer Stamp.

Real Property addresses noted as Melrose Park, IL. 60164 are in unincorporated Leyden Township, not unincorporated Melrose Park. The only reason Melrose Park is mentioned in a mailing address for property located in unincorporated Leyden Township is because that is where the U.S. Post Office is located.

The U.S.P.S. Zip Code for property located within the corporate limits of Melrose Park is 60160.

Information on jurisdiction of a specific parcel can be obtained through the Leyden Township Assessor’s office by calling 847-455-8616.

Real property transfers in unincorporated Leyden Township, Cook County only require a transfer stamp from the State of Illinois and the County of Cook, which are typically issued at closing.

Unincorporated Leyden Township is not affiliated with the Village of Melrose Park in this regard.


COOK COUNTY ZONING COMPLIANCE ORDINANCE                                                                                                                                       Zoning Certificate is required on any real estate transfers with a sales contract date of March 21, 2015 and after.  The certificate is required to verify the correct zoning and search outstanding violations or judgements prior to the closing. Application for a Zoning Certification can be found at: