Unincorporated Leyden

VACANT PROPERTIES AND HIGH GRASS Please report vacant properties and high grass to the Town Hall @ 847-455-8616.High grass and noxious weeds are a breeding ground for mosquitoes. The Township will visit the site and if warranted, issue the proper notification to the property owner and cut the grass. 


GRAFITTI REMOVAL Please report graffiti to the Town Hall @ 847-455-8616 as soon as you see it. All calls are confidential. Township staff will catalogue the graffiti with the Sheriff’s office and remove it as soon as possible.


SENIOR GARBAGE RATES...  If you are receiving a Senior Freeze, as noted on your 2nd installment tax bill you are entitled to a 15% garbage rate reduction. Simply call the Town Hall at 847-455-8616. Staff will verify your information through the Assessor’s Office.  Unincorporated residents only.


GARAGE SALES...  It’s that time of year again when garage sales start to spring up. In an effort to keep Leyden Township neat and orderly, Garage Sale Permits are required.


STREELIGHT OUT?  Please let us know. Call 847-455-8616 to report a streetlight not working.



WELLNESS CHECK NOTIFICATION FORM   During severe weather conditions or other known emergencies, Township staff can call unincorporated Leyden Township seniors or home bound persons with severe medical conditions. Please call 847-455-8616 for eligibility requirements and an application.